Why This Exists

This site will feature a new post looking at death and dying in a creative and cultural way that is consistently humanizing and uplifting every single day for one year beginning on January 1, 2021.

Most of the stories we hear and read about death are depressing. However, for many of us, experiencing a person’s death has been a time of profound depth, meaning, and connection. We need a better cultural conversation around death and dying – one that explores death as an occasion for discovering who and what we are. Avoiding both sensationalism and sentimentality, this site will focus on how dying well is a matter of human flourishing.

The posts will vary from interviews, to commentary, to reflections on historical, religious, and cultural dimensions, to photo essays, to book reviews, to creative writing.

Now, we do not so much have a culture of death as we have death without culture. Beauty, humanizing storytelling, and edifying examples are critical to restoring our cultural health when it comes to our experiences of death and dying. If you have a story, I invite you to share it with me here.