“We’re all gonna die one day”

One of my favourite songs right now is the 2017 song “Suit and Jacket” by Judah & the Lion.

Here’s the music video:

All of the lyrics are exquisite, and the many comments beneath the video testify to the song’s resonance. Here are some examples:

  • This is the perfect anthem for someone like me in their mid to late 20s. I have no idea where my life is going, but in a few decades, this song will feel really nostalgic.
  • What this song means to me is to cherish your youth, learn to manage your time well and early on, and have fun every day. Listen to the advice of people who have traveled through life, and learn to look out for yourself without developing a heart of stone.
  • “We’re all gonna die one day” – live your life people. Wake up everyday and feel happy for no reason.
  • A moment of silence for the people who can’t find this song.
  • This song speaks to me. […] I’m not growing by normal standards, I’m lost but that’s ok.
  • This song made me go on a sabbatical for the winter of 2018. I took 4 months off of work and came back a better person. Thank you.
  • This is the soundtrack to all of our lives.

Some people think that they don’t want to think about death but, if we are honest with ourselves, mortality (in some form) is generally the basis of quality art, music, and performance. This is because mortality gives life its preciousness.

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