There are two ways to leave a job

I was 22 when I had an epiphany:

There are really only two ways to leave a job that is indefinite in nature: Quit or Get Fired.

Since most everyone would hope not to be fired, this means that it is incumbent on each worker to decide when to quit.

Next, it occurred to me that there are really only two times to quit: When Things Are Going Well or When Things Are Going Badly.

And again, it is eminently obvious that it is much better to quit while things are going well compared to when they’re going badly or because some negative reason.

Accordingly, through reflection, I learned the rather counterintuitive but eminently sensible point that what I actually want is to quit work when things are going well.

Many people live day-to-day without considering the end. But, by thinking about endings, we are ever more free to enjoy our days.

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