Parting Words

If you died today, what are the last words of yours that your loved ones might find in your bag, on your computer, in a text message, or on your desk?

One of the victims of the recent tragedy in Meron reportedly gave his friend an envelope and told him not to open it until Sunday.

Rabbi Shimon Matlon could never have imagined that he would die that very night and that his note would be opened not only to his friend but to the world.

According to this source, the letter said:

Instead of being filled with disappointment,
Accept everything with love.

Instead of being rigid,
Be flexible.

Instead of complaining,
Let your mind be in control.

Instead of harping,
Be more grateful.

Instead of seeing problems,
Filter out negativity.

Instead of drowning in water,
Know it’s all from G‑d.

Instead of blaming everyone,
Remember Who is the greatest of all.

Instead of getting angry,
Take a deep breath and stretch.

Instead of being upset,
Exercise your faith.

Instead of choosing darkness,
Choose the full half of the glass.

Instead of sinking into despair,
Remember that everything is a test from G-d Who saves.

Because G‑d decides what’s going to happen,
But you decide what your attitude will be.

I cannot imagine the grief that his Rabbi Matlon’s wife and eleven children must be experiencing as they mourn this devastating loss.

These parting words remain a gift of his to them and to the world.

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