Why millions are paying attention to one obituary

By now dozens of news articles have written about this obituary that has been seen and shared by millions of people around the world.

What makes this simple obituary so worthy of attention? Why are people captured by it?

First, about how many people in our lives can we say that they “never had wants or misgivings”? Even though obituaries tend to emphasize a person’s noble qualities, that is an exceptional description.

Next we learn that Karen had cerebral palsy and that she could only speak three words.

Even though you and I speak millions of words throughout our lifetime, it is interesting to contemplate what three words of ours our loved ones might remember as being quintessentially representative of us. How might you be summed up in three of your oft-repeated words or phrases? What does the answer to this question reveal to you about yourself?

The obituary continues with reflections that clearly establish the bonds of relationship between the family members.

Erik has no inhibitions in conveying his affection for his sister and he ends the obituary with gratitude for her caregivers.

Considering the elements of this obituary piece by piece, we can see why it has captured people’s hearts around the world.

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